Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2012

Tokyo tower

Tokyo tower (Photo credit: apple 94)

Ever wonder what it looks like to dump 100,000 solar-powered LED lights into a river at night.  This was done at the recent Hotaru Festival 2012 in Tokyo.  Looks kind of pretty.

11 thoughts on “Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2012

  1. Hi,
    A great video, it does look fantastic with all the lights, and I love how the lights were turning in the huge tower in the background as well, it just gave an added touch I feel. :)

    • I seen this done in Calgary once, but it was during the day and it was rubber ducks. Each one had a number and if your number you bought won the race, you got a large prize. This is just a wee bit more impressive.

    • The rubber ducky one here used a boom to catch them but the odd one is still found. That river is considerably bigger than the one used here. Likely still a boom of some sort.

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